League Information


Unlimited Curling Membership:

New Member - $320.00
Second Year Member -  $370.00
Regular Member - $420.00
Senior Member (60yr+) - $370.00
Junior in Adult Leagues - $200.00

Limited Curling Membership:

One Night Only Member - $370.00
Afternoon only Member - $320.00
Junior League Member - $100.00
Social Membership - $45.00
Pay As You Play (3 times) - $5.00

The club expects adherence and honesty regarding Pay As You Play.

Women's Monday Afternoon Jitney

   The Monday afternoon "Ladies" league is a great opportunity for any female wanting to curl for the love of the game, to practise for higher (curling) aspirations, or to learn the game. Teams are made up jitney style and members can choose the positions they wish or it can\may  be determined by the convenor.
   During the year there are some events which include just a good time together to celebrate, a surprise draw or a mini-spiel, complete with prizes and a luncheon. 
   One Friday a month, Senior Ladies travel to other rinks within Simoce County for a friendly mini spiel, snacks and prizes.
   For those who love bridge, come early on Mondays. Bridge starts at 9:30a.m. Bring your lunch so you can eat before curling begins !
   We hope to see more out on Monday for a great way to enjoy your day !
    For more information about this league, please feel free to contact the league coordinator:
Pat Callan: [email protected]

Women's Wednesday Evening

   The Wednesday Night Ladies' League is a fun evening of ladies coming together is a sisterhood of curling and fun ! This is not a competitive league, but one where skilled and new curlers can play together and both learn how to curl and/or enhance their curling skills. There are two seasons, fall and winter, and teams are selected at the beginning of each season. It is a wondrful time of camaraderie and socialization.
There is one bonspiel in March , organized and sponsored by the Ladies' League. This is an eagerly anticipated event each year with many interested teams from Curling clubs around Southern Ontario attending.

 Deb Wise  705 435-3280
[email protected]

The Senior Ladies travel around the neighbouring communities joining in on mini-spiels.
This is a greatime of friendship with other curling club members.

Contact: Doreen Roberts 705 435-8875

Men's Monday Evening

Men's League - Monday Night.
   Welcome to the Monday Night Men's league. A fun night of curling with a little bit of a competitive edge. The Monday night league teams are chosen by the Skips through a draft process which creates an opportunity for new and old members to meet different curlers from other leagues.
   We divide the year into two halves and pick new teams for each half. Last season saw one draw for each half.
   I look forward to seeing all of you at the Wine and Cheese night on Sept. 21st.
  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] or
905 392-7534
  Brian Birtley

Seniors Tuesday And Thursday Afternoons Jitney

   Tuesdays & Thursday Afternoons are for Seniors. It is an ideal activity for those who do not like to drive at night. We use a jitney format. That means registered curlers locate their nametags & pass their tag to the setup table. Teams are then made up & posted on the bulletin board. There are no set teams and there is no requirement to play every day or every week. In the event that more than 32 curlers show up, we create 5-man teams and play 10-end games. Stick curlers are always welcome.
   At the end of the season we put on an in-house bonspiel consisting of 2 games, a lunch and prizes. We play 10 end games and everyone has a great time.
   If fellowship and daytime curling is what you crave join us at the Alliston Curling Club.

For more information please contact:
Loeland Parliament: 705 434-9233
[email protected]

Tuesday Choose Your Own Team

   Tuesday Night CYO is the perfect mixture of fun and competition. It is great for sharpening your skills, whether you have curled for 1 year or 20 years. Last season we had 15 teams and ran two draws, the first at 6:45pm and the second at 9:00p.m. Teams can be comprised of juniors, men, women, or can be mixed. We look forward to the return of previous teams and to welcoming new teams. 

   If you do not have a team but wish to join, please contact us as soon as possible before registration and we will do our best to connect you with other curlers like yourself.

   The organizing committee consists of Janet & Brian Godwin, Patti Russell and Henry Lukassen. See you on the ice for the 2018-2019 season !
Patti Russell & Henry Lukassen [email protected] 705 435-6562
Brian & Janet Godwin [email protected] 705 435-1076 

Thursday Choose Your Own Team

   I would like to welcome back all of last year's teams and encourage any new teams to join us for a night of fun competition. We had 16 teams last year. I am hoping to have another full draw this year. Here's to another exciting year of curling.

Congratulations to last seasons winners:
A Event: Team Woodlan, B Event: Team Haueter , C Event: Team MacPherson, D Event: Team Russell

Choose your own team: Men's, Ladies, or Mixed. If you are looking for a team to join please let me know by email. any returning teams should email me as soon as possible with a list of your team mates.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday nights!

Richard Nishikawa
[email protected]

Friday Night Mixed League

   If you are reading this, then the curling season is upon us yet again !
   If you are looking for something to do with your spouse on a Friday night, of if you are looking to get out of the house, Mixed curling is for you.
   We try and keep everything fun at the same time teaching or improving. We have many new and experienced curlers, young and old willing to help, and we invite everyone and anyone to come out and join us.
   If you want to throw a chunk of rock down an ice surface , while using a broom to keep it moving, then curling if the sport for you!  Our games start at 7:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. with the goal to have fun.
  Any questions please feel free to contact Tyler or Emily.

Tyler & Emily Hollema:
705 434 9427 [email protected]      

Juniors League

   After 10 + years of coaching and managing the Junior League, Heather Greenis, Kathy MacFarlane and Willie MacPherson have decided to step down. I am sure I speak for the many, many Junior curlers and their parents who are deeply grateful for their selfless dedication and commitment to the Alliston Juniors. Thank you Heather, Kathy and Willie for your amazing contribution to our youth and the community !
   The new Junior Program Coordinator is Nishika Jardine (me). I am looking forward to the new season, which will begin in Oct.  Exact details have yet to be finalized as to timings and program structure, but I expect that there may be some changes to accommodate the ranges of ability among our Juniors.
   However, as in past years, the Junior program will be run at the club on Sunday afternoons for youth 8-18 years old. Registrations will be through the website or during the annual registration evening and morning at the club.
   Anyone interested in assisting the Junior Program as an on-ice coach will be very welcome! We are expecting a larger number of new Junior curlers and we are going to need all the help we can get.
  Nishika Jardine  705 733 -5553  [email protected]

The Sunday session will be two hours in length. We ask the students to arrive at the club 10 minutes early to get prepared and begin stretching exercises. The typical lesson format will include:

Stretches (off ice)
Skill development (on ice)
Coached mini game (2 ends)
Warming up & Strategy session (off ice)
Coached mini game - a regular game or ‘short games’ (as time permits)

The cost - $100.00 for the season.
Kids playing on adult (evening) leagues & Sunday - $ 200.00 per season

Come prepared for Winter Temperatures. Warm gloves, dress in layers to stay warm. Turtle neck sweaters, sweaters, warm socks. A hat. Hands and feet get cold. There is no wind, but it’s cold enough to keep the ice frozen. No jeans please.

As in the past, we require parents / guardians to commit to bring treats on a snack schedule that will be posted.

We will be tracking attendance. Please inform the coaches if you know you will be away a given week. Our coaches are volunteers. To ensure the safety of the students, the number of students on a given day determine the number of volunteers required.

The OCA (Ontario Curling Association) has a series of badges to award junior curlers on their development. This year, our plan is to test the curlers on their skill and knowledge when both curler and coach feel they are competent. We hope this eliminates the stress of ‘classroom testing’. There is a short written exam (mainly true-false questions). At that point, badges will be awarded to recognize the accomplishments. Students will not be forced to partake in the badge testing if it is not within their comfort level. Testing is to reward accomplishment, not to discourage them from the sport.

OCA – formal (structured) competition for students 16 years and under, with participation based on coaches discretion for skill level. We will speak with parents and students regarding enrolment when the registration deadlines are approaching. Following strict OCA rules, involvement can lead to a provincial level competition. We will provide more details when registration deadlines are approaching.

Our more experienced Juniors earn high-school volunteer hours assisting with new curlers; guiding, demonstrating & correcting. A win win - students teaching students. Newer curlers look up to and admire their peers. 

   There is nothing more important than communication. Curling is a sport of communication and we encourage it between the coaches, the parents and the Club. We'd appreciate hearing from anyone; ideas, suggestions and questions. There's always room for improvement!
   The coaching team will discuss (brainstorm) everything that is brought forward.
Here is an interesting website for those new to the sport or looking to refresh skills:

   If you have any questions regarding the junior program, approach any of us or contact Nishika: [email protected]